What You Need to Know About Social Network Design.

Pearse Street Inc Is the Leading Company In The Social Networking Website Design/Development Industry.
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Some Areas of Expertise

* Social Networking Design
* Social Networking Site Development
* Custom Graphic Design
* Custom Logo Design & Branding
* Social Application Development
* Social Networking Software Development
* New Media Design & Development
* Custom MySpace Design
* Web 2.0 App Development
* Mobile Website Design/Development
* Motion Graphics Design
* Flash Animation Design
* Web 2.0 Graphic Design
* Face Book Application Development
* Social Media Marketing
* Social Networking Site Monetization
* Marketing Social Networking Sites
* Advanced Web Programming
* Ecommerce Web Development

Helpful Advice & Help Planning.

We provide preliminary consultations at no charge to you. Our social network experts will discuss your concept and the complexity of the features required for your site. We can give you an estimate based on your desired features, and provide a more in-depth proposal following that. As we work almost exclusively with Social Networking Websites and Advanced Web Design & Coding, we encourage you to take advantage of the consultation opportunities to have our expert team brainstorm your idea, with full confidentiality, and make suggestions for optimum branding, revenue and traffic results for your site. From project planning to website completion and then post-launch marketing, our in-house staff is here to support your investment.

Thorough Project Proposal.

We’ve discussed your project in depth. Based on our discussions, or a formal RFP, Pearse Street will compose a detailed project proposal for your social network website. Project proposals outline each feature that will be included within your website, a project time line, company background, and the price of the completed social networking website.

Custom Social Network Design.

Once your site plan is established, our graphic design team will work with front-end developers to create a graphic mockup–a graphic representation of how your site will layout for your review. From here we will tweak the design and layout based on your input, and once approved, we will begin implementing the design concept with the back-end functionality of the site.

Professional Marketing of Your Social Network.

Our Marketing Department has extensive experience marketing with social media. We’ll develop and implement a marketing plan appealing to your websites target demographic. This marketing strategy may include website optimization, blog interaction, article & press release directory submission, as well as Social Bookmarking, Blog Marketing, MySpace Marketing & search engine promotion campaigns. We have professional writers on staff to write articles and press releases announcing completion and unique features of your social networking website.

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